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Hair Loss: Reasons, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Hair loss is a serious problem and should be treated at the right time to avoid baldness. Hair loss is more prevalent in men rather than women. The hair loss does not affect our physical appearance but it has an effect on our confidence level also. The hair loss can occur due to hereditary or hormonal changes. Severe medical conditions and exposure to medications can also result in hair loss. Most people often tend to avoid hair loss by just hiding it or not treating them. This is the most vulnerable thing they undertake by not opting for the best hair loss treatment. But few people take this issue seriously and look out for the best possible hair loss treatment. There are many experts and specialist providing exception Hair Treatment In Delhi

Some of the common Reasons causing hair loss in men are given below:

Hereditary: The hair loss can be because of genetic factors and hormones. You are more prone to hair loss and baldness if any of our family members or relatives have it.

Medical issues: Temporary Hair loss can be due to anaemia, Thyroid problem or a diet with low protein intake. Medicines that are prescribed for cancer, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, a heart problem can also cause hair loss.

Stress and infections: Hair loss can also occur due to excessive stress or shock. The infections such as Ringworm can also result in considerable hair loss.

Immune System: The hair loss is also related to our immune system. It is noticed that people with a low immune system are more prone to baldness and hair loss. The genetic condition such as Alopecia Areata can also lead to hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment

Some of the common symptoms of Hair Loss is given below:

Thinning of hair: In men, the hair starts receding from the forehead and may begin to resemble the letter M. IT is one of the most common symptoms of Hair Loss Women.

Patch or Circular Bald Spots: The coin-sized bald spots can be seen. This spots are smooth and affect the scalp. The skin is sometimes itching before the hair falls out.

Loosening of Hair: The stress and emotional misbalance can cause to loosen your hair. You may even experience a handful of hair coming out while combing or washing your hair. This causes overall hair loss and can considerably lower the volume of your hair.

Scaling patches: This is a sign of ringworm and should be treated at the earliest. It may also cause redness, swelling, Broken hair and oozing.

Thinning of hair

It is very important to ensure the scalp is healthy as it directly has an impact on your hair stands. It is very essential to restore the damage locks to get the best possible result. It is important to consult a professional for the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai. However, considerable research should be done before starting the treatment at any clinic. The prior consultation with your doctor will help you understand the hair loss treatment and get prepare for the same. The consultant may also suggest a combination of several products to reduce the hair fall and provide optimum nourishment.

Permanent Hair Removal Solution For Flawless Skin

We live in a transient world which is obsessed with physical beauty. Fashion trends have become our sacred guidelines and celebs have taken the place of Gods in Modern days. Our days go by trying to impersonate their stunning looks and charm, because who doesn’t want to look pretty?

But there are times when unwanted hair may hamper your natural beauty and appearance. The excessive hair growth in certain areas of body calls for a lot of embarrassment and can lower your self-confidence. But, with the advancement in cosmetic technology, there are a few ways to solve this problem.

Here, permanent hair removal can come to your rescue. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure involving a long pulsed laser to remove unwanted hair from any body part. If you are facing similar problems, look out for a professional clinic that provides hair removal laser treatment in Ludhiyana

10 things you must know before the procedure:

1. It sounds much painful, but isn’t

The process of hair removal involves a lot of heat, so generally, it is going to involve a little pain. But when it is compared to waxing, it is not as much. It is also like a snap of a rubber band kind of pain.

2. You might need to be patient

Although the process seems magical, the magic still takes time to show up. You can witness results only after two to three weeks. And it might take about 8 weeks to complete the entire treatment so be patient.

Laser Hair Removal In Delhi Cost

3. Clean the area before treatment

Before the treatment, you might have to use a hair trimmer or shave the entire area. Along with that, you will need to get rid of any trace of makeup.

4. It might not take much time

The sittings at the clinic might be pretty fast. An expert can take care of the task effectively and efficiently.

5. You will have to skip the gym

Due to the involvement of heat, you have to say goodbye to the gym, spa, or sauna for 24 hours after the treatment. Doing so might give bacterias a favorable environment to breed and put you at risk.

6. Say goodbye to sunlight

Sunlight might not be your best ally during the procedure. You will have to avoid sunbathing or sun exposure, and also wait for the tan to fade before it begins.

7. Change in beauty regime

You will have to avoid using scrubs, glycolic acid, and retinol creams for 2 days before and after the treatment.

8. Might take care of ingrown hair

Laser Hair Removal Treatment not just removes excess hair but also takes good care of ingrown hair and irritation.

9. Shaving is the only option

Throughout the entire procedure, you might have to refrain from plucking, bleaching or waxing the hair. Smooth Shaving is the only option for you.

10. Works on all skin types

The technology used in laser hair removal is quite advanced and can work on all skin tones and types, and deliver perfectly flawless skin.

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy, Laser Therapy For Hair Regrowth

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy – Effective Way To Prevent Your Hair Loss

Recently, individuals who have issues with hair loss have been tremendously increasing. People have tried all sorts of things to stop hair loss and make it grow again from squeezing the juices of all kinds of vegetables and fruits or every herb extracts, and rub these secretes into the scalp. However, no matter what people do, the natural way is still ineffective to regrow Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Cost

Laser Therapy Hair Loss Cost

Disadvantages of Natural Treatments

Without a doubt, there are a lot of natural and herbal treatments being offered to regrow hair, but most of these treatments, unfortunately, lack systematic studies. Thus, if we want to grow our hair again by natural means, we should study thoroughly the natural remedies. There are known proven effects, but these results took a lot of time and patience to take effect, and most of these natural remedies are temporary.

Most people want to get a permanent result. We all want to get a permanent result, especially when it comes to our appearance. We want a long-term result and not just a short-term goal. Hence, technological innovations are the best option and solution for hair regrowth.

Painless and Cost-effective, New Treatment Method

With the technological advancements, we can now get a fast, cost-effective, and painless therapy through laser treatment to resolve our hair loss.

Today, undergoing a is the most popular and ideal solution to grow the hair that we lost. This treatment only takes a few sessions and procedure, and usually will only take a shorter time to recuperate. These medical treatments will provide permanent restoration of thicker and fuller hair.

This kind of treatment procedure shows some measurable results to influence hair growth. Currently, it is considered as the most convenient alternative to medication. It is best to visit a licensed physician who deals with this kind of procedure to understand better how the process will go and the techniques that need to be applied. In addition, proper information will be relayed and explained further. Thus, an ample of options will be provided.

Organize for a Doctor’s Appointment

At the same time, we will further understand how a Laser Therapy For Hair Loss treatment goes, what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. We will also know if we are sensitive to natural ingredients or some active ingredients that come along with the process.

Laser Hair Therapy

In this way, we will get exactly what we need and want. Apart from this, we will save ourselves from wasting our time, effort, and money because we are already cleared and clarified with the procedure. Aside from this, we can set up or organize our schedule, so we can continue our work and do our regular activities while undergoing the treatment. By having a talk with the doctor, we can raise our questions and things we need to know to avoid any unnecessary negative results of our work, especially for our health.

So, if we want to know more about the procedure, it is best to visit the nearest facility to talk to a certified expert. You can log online and set an appointment.

Who Are Trichologists And What Can They Do For You?

Trichology is a medical specialty, focusing on the study of hair, scalp, and everything related to it. A trichologist is an expert in understanding hair problems such as hair and scalp breakage, flakiness, itching, balding etc. The hair specialist doctor is adept in treating all forms of alopecia as well.


A trichologist is someone you would consult when you require expert advice related to your hair. The treatment received is not only long lasting but also highly efficient and precise. A trichologist is your go-to person for any hair related problem – from hair loss, alopecia, hair thinning and the likes. Read on to know more about what our team of trichologists at AAYNA can do for you:


Dermoscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that directly visualizes microstructures of the skin and epidermis. This procedure is undertaken by a trichologist for confirmatory diagnosis by studying structures that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye. The trichologist will use a handheld device to magnify the substructures in your scalp and then identify the specific condition of your hair in order to perform the right treatment.

Dermoscopy is highly effective in diagnosing:

  • Pigmented Lesions: Different types of a mole can be diagnosed using dermoscopy. It also helps monitor melanomas (skin cancer).
  • Hair loss disorders: The treatment helps diagnose varied reasons behind hair loss, allowing the trichologist to determine the right course of treatment.
  • Inflammatory Disorders: Dermatological conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, lichen planus, and Psoriasis can be diagnosed and monitored using dermoscopy.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment for hair restoration, carried out by a trichologist. It uses the patient’s own blood to support the renewal of hair follicles. This is why it’s also called Autologous PRP. The treatment takes a small sample of your blood, after which it is centrifuged (spun) to develop plasma that is rich in platelet. The plasma is injected over your scalp to rapidly aid the regeneration of hair follicles.


Mesotherapy is highly effective in hair loss that occurs due to reduced scalp microcirculation, deficiency of nutrients or a hormonal influence. A cocktail mixture rich in biotin, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals is developed and superficially injected to promote hair growth – via mechanical and chemical stimulation.

Your hair is not just an integral part of your appearance but also a big confidence booster. Give your hair the care it deserves with expert treatment by the hands of a trichologist.

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Balanced diet for healthy hair

Healthy hair with Rene Furterer hair spa

Know-how of PRP Treatment, for Hair-loss

Hair Loss -The Last Thing To Worry About

Hair loss is a stressful experience for anyone. Given a choice no one would want to lose hair ever. Ever since ancient times, good hair is considered as a sign of good health and beauty. Any kind of hair loss, be it hair thinning or baldness, can have a huge psychological impact on a person. It can devastate one’s self-esteem and confidence and pose difficulties in personal life.

Worry not! Nowadays, there are effective hair loss treatments available that can help you deal with hair loss. Listed below are three treatments that are truly effective. Use them to fight hair fall before it reaches a severe degree:

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is a quick and effective way to restore volume and lustre to thinning hair. The procedure involves injecting nutrient boosters in the middle layer (mesoderm) to aid hydrating and nourishing of the scalp. Nutrient boosters include a mixture of biotin, co-enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth by stimulating dormant follicles. The treatment improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens hair follicles and helps create voluminous, healthy hair. It spans over eight to twelve sessions and patients can see visible results after 4-5 sessions. It is one of the safest hair treatments available with minimal pain or discomfort.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): This new treatment has been found to be very effective in hair growth and regeneration. It has shown great results in Hair Regrowth Treatment. The procedure involves withdrawing a sample of patients blood and processing it to extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is injected back into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, includes a mixture of essential proteins and growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and new tissue regeneration. The non-surgical procedure results in stronger hair and has no side effects. It is also known as autologous PRP as one’s own blood is used to regenerate hair follicles.

Root deep hair spa: this advanced therapy focuses on treatment of the actual cause of concern. It involves using nourishing oils, plant amino acids and phytonutrients that resemble hair protein-KERATIN. The mixture is formulated by research scientists following extensive studies. The pioneering therapy rejuvenates the scalp, improves follicular growth, eliminates dandruff and effects of chemical treatment- thus addressing all major hair concerns.For best results, get it done from reputed skin care clinics like AAYNA that have a team of specialists to perform these treatments.

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Balanced diet for healthy hair

Know-how of PRP Treatment, for Hair-loss

Healthy hair with Rene Furterer hair spa

Balanced diet for healthy hair

Hairfall, dry and dull hair is becoming one of the most common problems in all age groups and one main cause for this problem is the food we eat. It’s true that you become what you eat and so if you want healthy shiny hair, you should focus more on balanced and healthy diet. We tend to spend a lot on expensive medicines and creams for hair fall but often neglect Nutrition. There is no substitute for healthy food and let us learn what all foods we should include in our daily diet.

  1. Milk and milk products like cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and proteins which helps in strengthening hair strands
  2. Fish and eggs contains vitamin B-12 , omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, selenium and magnesium. All these nutrients promote hair growth and prevent dry scalp.
  3. Nuts are powerhouse of nutrients like Vit E, omega 3 fats, zinc which help in making hair healthy. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding, so include nuts like walnuts  , almonds & flaxseeds in your diet . One should include 5-7 almonds, 1-2 walnuts and one fig every day.
  4. Include whole grain cereals and proteins like paneer, soya , black gram & pulses in your diet . Legumes like kidney beans and lentil are an important part of your hair-care diet, they not only provide protein but also provide iron (carry oxygen to the hair), zinc (necessary for building hair protein and in preventing hair loss), biotin (important for good blood circulation, strong supple strands.
  5. Brown rice, legumes, lentils, eggs, nuts are good sources of Biotin. Its deficiency can lead to brittle hair. This vitamin will help you have thick hair so one should include these foods in daily’s diet.
  6. Massage your hair with the oil like Almond oil, Brahmi oil, neelibhringadi tailum. This will prevent the hair loss and dry and flaky skin.
  7. Juice made from lettuce and spinach leaves mixed with carrot juice is helpful in treating hair fall

Know-how of PRP Treatment, for Hair-loss

We all associate beauty with skincare & makeup, but how often do we actually consider haircare under a strict beauty regime? Chances are that haircare is usually limited to a nice hair spa, or the use of right hair shampoo and conditioner. You will be surprised to know that hair is a different DNA all-together, and those who face hair-loss shouldn’t take it lightly.

Yes, most of us find hair-loss is like hair fall only, and in the initial phase assume it to be a result of stress or lifestyle. If there are long hair stands tangled in your combing brush that seem to coming straight from the roots, then it’s a clear indication of hair-loss than hair fall. In a very simple language, hair loss is leaving your scalp bare, and that’s exactly why you need to treat your scalp and not the hair!

know-how-of-prp-treatment-for-hair-lossDon’t Take Your Hair Loss Lightly…

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Commonly known as PRP, platelet rich plasma treatment is a proactive therapy to treat hair loss in both male and female patients. It is a non-surgical treatment that holds a promising position in beauty science. What’s best? Your very own Aayna Clinic offers this treatment, under the expert guidance of Dr. Simal Soin. Let us know more about it…

Aayna needs no introduction. A clinic that believes in the science of beauty sure has the most advance beauty treatments to offer to both men and women. It’s very important to understand that men always have similar beauty concerns, it’s just that they are not much vocal or concerned about it. But, in case of hair loss, it’s usually men who take it very seriously, and immediately take an expert opinion. And, who can be a better expert than Dr. Simal Soin…

know-how-of-prp-treatment-for-hair-loss-aThe Picture Here is Just for Your Know-how…

More About the Treatment…

The experts at Aayna perform Autologous PRP, which involves withdrawing a small blood sample much in the manner of a sample taken for a blood test. This sample is then centrifuged at pre-determined speed and time to separate the blood into its constituent’s, one of which being the platelets that are rich in growth factors and tissue healing properties. This platelet concentrate is known as the PRP and is injected into the scalp with very fine needles. The treatment is painless, has no downtime and requires no sedation or anesthesia and one can resume normal activities immediately. Now that comes as a relief for sure!

The Benefits…

The advantages of PRP are that it is a totally a natural process, using the patient’s own blood thus, eliminating any risks of cross infection or allergy. PRP hair treatment can be used to complement other hair loss treatments and is also used to augment the results of hair transplant surgeries. An average of 3 sessions at 4 to 6 weeks intervals is usually sufficient to stimulate the dormant hair follicles resulting in visibly healthier and a fuller scalp in both male as well as female pattern hair loss patterns.

To know more about your scalp condition, and get the analysis, we strongly recommend to visit Aayna and book an advance appoint with Dr. Simal Soin. Remember, beauty is top-to-toe, so why let the top stay ignored?

Guide to getting vibrant hair colour

With so much stress on colour vibrancy and individuality, it’s time you did your homework and took extra special care to get the colour you want and maintain it.

Season’s hair colour trends veer towards rich hues. Shades of chocolate, auburn, honey, and caramel are popular with the stylists. Today, hair technicians are playing with hues and techniques to create looks that are totally personal – enhancing the overall person. Most like to enhance the shade with highlights and lowlights, rather than just putting in uniform streaks colour. Instead the focus is on natural looking highlights. Hair colour right now is about individuality.


Here’s what you can do to ensure that your hair colour is as unique as you:

Research: Before you sit down to get your hair coloured, do some research on the types of colours and brands available. Take time to decide – after all it is about your hair.

Consult: Talk to your colouring technician. Discuss with her the various options of colouring and try to figure out what will work best for you. If need be, talk to two different colourists who work with different brands.

Be honest: Be open about what you want. Let her know your lifestyle and your preference and hair care regime. Take examples from magazines to show her. Discuss your face shape, eye colour, complexion and natural hair colour and texture. Your natural assets play a large role in the type of colour that will look good on you.

Avoid drastic change: Don’t seek a drastic change in your hair colour. Instead start with a shade lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. One great idea is to try a semi-permanent, at-home hair colour to see how it looks on you.


Ease into colour: Before trying out daring fun colours or shading techniques on your strands, opt for an overall colour change which allows you to be comfortable with a softer shade first. If you are not comfortable with a complete colour change at first, then ask for subtle highlights at strategic places. Once you are used to the look, you can be more adventurous.

Test: A day before your colouring job go to the salon for a patch test to figure out whether you are allergic to the chemicals in the colour or not.

Prepare: Colour best attaches to strands that are healthy and strong. Dry, brittle strands get further damaged if coloured, so make sure your hair is strong and healthy. Go for a deep conditioning and follicle fortifying treatment at least three days before you get your hair coloured.

Avoid hair wash: Don’t wash your hair a day before you go for colouring. In fact, unwashed hair is best to colour on. The natural oils from your scalp conditions the strands making it easier for the colour molecules to adhere to the cuticles.

No henna: If you have used henna on your strands, you may not get the result you are looking for, because henna coats the strands, making it harder for the colour molecules to stick to the strand. Do not use henna at least for three months prior to your hair colour. Inform your hair colourist if you have used henna before.


Care: It’s how you treat your hair afterwards that decides the result of colour on your tresses. You have to be extra careful with your strands post colouring. First of all switch to colour save shampoos and conditioners. They are milder and retain the vibrancy longer. Also the active ingredients protect the strands from getting brittle and colour brassy.

Shield: Go for weekly deep conditioning treatment. Use a protective serum with UV filter post every hair wash on towel-dried hair to keep your colour on.

Be faithful: Once you find a hair technician who knows what you want and how you want it. Stick with him or her. The chemistry between the two of you is crucial for a good colouring job. After all you will need to trust the person completely.

Don’t let go of your hair: Women’s guide to hair loss treatment


Hair is a defining factor of a women’s beauty, so it can be worrying when we see it fall. With the right sort of intervention at the right time, hair fall is reversible. It is important to be aware of how our hair behaves, the cyclical hair fall is absolutely normal but the minute we realise that >100 hairs/day are being lost! It’s definitely a cause of concern.

Telogen effluvium is the commonest cause of hair fall in women. This usually occurs as an abrupt, diffuse shedding of hair after child birth, fever, severe infections, crash diet, malnutrition, thyroid disorders, post surgeries and certain drugs.

Chronic telogen effluvium occurs when there is an abrupt and alarming rate of diffuse hair fall. The cause in most instances is unknown and is a rare entity.

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is seen in patients who have a hormonal imbalance, age factor and a family history of baldness. It presents as a widening of the central parting and a receding hair line.

It is important to investigate for serum ferritin levels and thyroid profile as any aberrations in their values can lead to hair fall disorders.

A timely intervention helps restore hair within 3 months to a year depending upon the cause.

Minoxidil 2% formulation is ideal to start with and is prescribed to be applied twice a day on the scalp for a minimum of 3 months. This improves the blood circulation of the scalp and improves the nutrition and growth of the hair follicles.

Biotin and multivitamins are essential and should be taken regularly. They provide strength to the hair follicles and improve the overall results.

In case of hormonal imbalance or hyperandrogenism, the patient is put on cyproterone acetate and spirinolactone. They correct the hormone levels and improve the hair caliber and growth.

Platelet rich plasma has shown promising results in women with hair loss. This technique uses a small sample of the patients own blood which is concentrated to isolate the platelets rich in growth factors. The concentrated plasma is injected into the scalp with a help of a very fine needle. These growth factors provide strength and vitality to the follicles and also facilitate the growth of new hair follicles.

Low level laser therapy uses the principle of photobiology and stimulates physical or chemical reactions by laser light which stimulates hair growth.

For thin hair and scanty growth, tinted powders, lotions and keratin fibers can be used to conceal bald patches. These are recommended for severe cases, where the patients do not respond to medical treatment and hair transplantation is not a possibility.

Visit your dermatologist for the best suitable treatment for your hair fall concerns. Treatment regimens are unique to every individual catering to their needs and deficiencies. Results vary from person to person. Newer advances for hair restoration are being researched and will be incorporated into the treatment depending on their efficacy. So don’t let go of your hair, there is always a solution.

Healthy hair with Rene Furterer hair spa

You’ve always walked in to a spa to soothe your skin and body. You’ve loved the experience. You don’t mind some more of that TLC. Only this time it would be to care for your hair. We are talking about hair spa.

But, why a spa for your hair since it is nothing but dead protein cells? To ensure that the condition of your hair cuticles – the tiny overlapping scales that cover the hair shaft – is in top shape. The flatter the cuticles lay on each other, the shinier your hair looks, and softer your hair feels. That is what hair spa aims to do for you. Literally, spa means a water based therapy to add moisture to your skin, thus a hair spa does just that. It restores and revives moisture balance of the hair.

Today due to lifestyle and hair styling choices hair goes through lot of stress that translates into dryness, brittleness, hair loss, excessively oily, or dry and itchy scalp. However not many of us really have the time to take good care of our hair, so hair spas are good options to revive dull, lifeless hair. During a hair spa treatment your hair and scalp get intensive treatments along with relaxing massage to revive some of the lost glory of your hair.


One such innovative hair spa treatment is from the French expert hair care treatment system Rene Furterer. This hair care system work on the belief that if you treat the scalp, the hair will naturally grow healthy. Unlike in traditional hair spa, in the Rene Furterer system, the scalp is tested and treated along with your strands.

The products used in this hair and scalp treatment are all based on pure plant extracts, and essential oils. This hair spa system treats 8 different types of hair and scalp problems including oily scalp, moisturising, nourishing, hereditary hair loss, incidental hair loss, anti-dandruff, soothing irritable scalp, and colour-treated hair.

When you opt for a Rene Furterer hair and scalp therapy the treatment is customised using different sets of products depending on the specific need of your hair and scalp. So you may have oily scalp and dry hair; or flaky scalp and greasy strands; or experiencing hairloss.

During a ReneFurterer hair spa session the hair therapist starts the therapy with a consultation and assessment of your hair and scalp. The therapy begins with a long scalp and hair analysis.

using the Capilliscope that shows the health of scalp and hair. Based on the diagnosis, the therapist decides on the products and treatments. The diagnosis is followed by a scalp massage with a root, and follicle stimulating and soothing product aimed to restore scalp health. This is followed by a hair wash with the appropriate hair product. Then your strands are treated to intense conditioning masque that hydrates your hair and seals the cuticles to give you a smooth finish.

After rinsing the hair and scalp is towel dried, and often using the hair dryer is avoided to allow your hair to revive naturally, finally a root strengthening serum is massaged on the scalp and smoothed over your strands to leave you with a shiny healthy head of hair.